5 Books Of 2018 That CAN’T Be Miss.

5 Books 2018

Hello from the land of books!

As much as I’d like to say that I don’t spend most of my earnings on buying new books or prettier editions of the books I already own, it would be a lie. I might as well just be honest and say right out that I’m a bibliophile.

If you’re a book lover and buying too many books is your vice, this list is for you. Come say hi to 7 of the most anticipated books of 2018!

1. Everything Here Is Beautiful – Mirat Lee
Category: Fiction

Synopsis: This is the story of two sisters, Miranda and Lucia. Miranda is the older and responsible one and Lucia is the impulsive one. When their mother dies, Lucia starts hearing voices and the only one who can get through to her is Miranda. But Lucia does not want to be saved. She goes on to marry and then steps back from the marriage to have a child with a younger immigrant. She shifts base from the States to Ecuador and back again, until finally she burns out. Leaving her life in Switzerland, Miranda decides to reach out to Lucia again, and to be her rock. But the question remains: will Lucia want to save her own self this time around?



2. This Will Be My Undoing – Morgan Jerkins
Category: Non-Fiction

Synopsis: The central question Jenkin asks in her book is this: What is to ‘be’ or to ‘exist’ as a black woman in the world of today? Focusing on the social, historical and cultural representation of black women in history and over the recent years, the author speaks largely of feeling displaced, the reason being the lack of proper representation of black femininity in the generic white woman’s definition of feminism.



3. Flight Season – Marie Marquardt
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Synopsis: TJ Carvalho and Vivi Flannigan find themselves babysitting problem-patient Angel at the university hospital during their summer break. Both of them have big plans for how they want their summer to turn out. But TJ has witnessed a crumbling moment of Vivi’s which, try as he may, he cannot erase from his mind. This moment happened way back when they were mere strangers. But now, spending every single day in the same ward, there is no escape but to face what either of them is afraid to talk about. Will they overcome their silence? Will Vivi finally let go of the thing she’s been holding on to for so long?

4. The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert
Category: Fantasy

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Alice has always (but barely) strayed away from bad luck given a life that has demanded her being constantly on the move. But when her mother has stolen away into the dark faerie world belonging to her grandmother’s books, Alice is faced with a difficult choice. Should she stay away from Hazel Wood, the estate where the characters from those dark stories might be holding her mother hostage? Or should she face them along with Ellery Finch and get mother back?


5. Love, Hate And Other Filters – Samira Ahmed
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Synopsis: Uncovering the harsh implications of Islamophobia, Samira Ahmed brings to life a protagonist who is here to tell it like it is. Maya Aziz does not want to please her parents by being the dutiful daughter (right from wearing all that gold jewellery to walking in high heels, ugh!). She wants to make movies in New York and she definitely likes Phil more than Kareem, the boy her parents have sought out for her. When a bomber sharing her last name attacks hundreds in the city, things change rapidly and Maya prepares to brave the storm.

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