4 militants killed in J&K


Written by : Arkabrata Bala

4 militants killed in J&K, Pulwama

The Indian troopers have once again ensured triumph in the hyper sensitive and terror prone state of Kashmir. Four militants have been gunned down in the pre-dawn operation at Rajpora village’s Hajin Payeen area in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, blatantly thanks to the security forces. This is the second encounter in the last 24 hours. The blood fiend terrorists are likely to belong to Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) group and had records of terrorist activities including strikes on security establishments ad civilian atrocities.

The security forces set about searching the area following information about suspected hideaway of the terrorists. They cordoned off the sheltered zone in Haniyan village. The militants concealing in seclusion started firing at them in sub-zero temperatures when the forces also befittingly retaliated.

Though their identity couldn’t be asertained immediately, the army officials took considerable time to affirm so.
Weapons and artillary have also been recovered from the area.

As an aftermath of the incident clashes broke out between the locals and security forces. At least 11 people had been injured and were rushed off to a nearby hospital. The brainwashed youths started pelting stones with impunity after the incident which was answered with tear gas and pelters by the forces. Later in the day, a huge number of locals congregated for the funeral of the slain militants.
The situation brewed up mostly because of the outcry and indignance left after a LeT militant was killed in an encounter in Banderpora area of Pulwama. J&K police reportedly said the slain militant, later identified as Ishfaq Yousuf Wani had joined the organization around five months ago. A large gather of people were present at his funeral. Some parts of South Kashmir had been unrest since then.

A proud achievement for the soldiers is that over 250 militants have been killed this year, the highest in over 10 years.
People are cringed with fear. The police had cordoned off the surrounding areas anticipating demonstrations to take place. Some fringe groups were vehemently protesting against this citing chilling weather where children and women had to come out for search operations. The authorities snapped internet services and suspended railway services for security reasons.

Meanwhile sources claims that a big attack on Jammu have been neutarlized after a huge stock of arms and ammunitions have been recovered from Kathua district.


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