12 Ways to Improve Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down !

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“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day”. Contrary to popular belief, even positive people get in bad moods. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Or you feel overworked and overwhelmed. Or perhaps something happened and you keep dwelling on it, going over and over in your head how you froze up in a meeting or spoke too aggressively to someone you love. Whatever the case may be, you feel something you don’t want to feel and you’re not sure how to change it. You just know you need to do something before acting on that feeling. Everybody is different, and everybody has different ways of dealing with pain, but if you’re looking for suggestions, you may find these helpful:

1. Reach out to someone. Reaching out to a loving, understanding person is one of the best things you can do. Don’t bottle up your feelings in the fear that you’ll be judged if you talk about them.

.Listen to music. Music can heal, put you in a better mood, make you feel less alone, or take you on a mental journey.

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3. Plan a fun activity. Moping around not always help in feeling any better, so it usually helps to plan something fun to do if you’re feeling up to it. It can be something as simple as creating your own vision board or something as big as planning a trip.

4. Try a deep breathing exercise. There are all kinds of deep breathing exercises out there. Find one you like and do it whenever you’re feeling stressed or overly emotional.

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5. Go for a walk. Walking always helps in clearing away the negative energy. It’s especially therapeutic if you choose to walk at a scenic location.

6. Hug someone. Hugs are such an easy way to express love and care without having to say a word.

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7. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or spend time with someone who has a good sense of humor. Laughing releases tension and has a natural ability to heal. Or you can definitely watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S

8. Take a nap. Sometimes we just need to recharge. You will always feel better after getting some rest.

9. Take a negative comment or situation and look for something positive about it. If someone says something negative to you or you get stuck in an unpleasant situation, sometimes it helps to look at it from a different angle. PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING.

source: havingtime.com

10. Focus on what truly matters to you. Sometimes we forget what matters to us and what isn’t that important. Some things just aren’t worth getting too upset over.

11. Prioritize. Sometimes you feel depressed when your priorities are out of balance. You must try to make sure that you are giving a fair amount of attention to all the priorities in your life, such as work, relationships, health, and personal happiness.

12 .Cultivate gratitude. Practicing genuine gratitude on a daily basis has always been a major source of healing in one’s life. When you step back and notice everything you have to be grateful for, it will make you feel like you have everything you need and that nothing is lacking which will make you feel whole.

We all get into bad moods—and, eventually, we snap out of them. The next time you get into a funk, don’t just wait for the dark cloud to lift. Whatever helps you to improve your mood just do it!


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