10 Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work


Written by : Arkabrata Bala 

Keeping your concentration intact on a particular subject that doesn’t entice you for long minutes isn’t a matter for overlooking but a crucial aspect of you incapable of dealing with subjects that flay out. You are selective in your subjects of likeliness where you hit the ball out of the park. That’s sure for everyone but it’s not the ultimate strategy conducive for a highly aspired zenith of your work livelihood. That’s where the question of work productivity peeps in.

When you find yourself not hitting your prefixed goal, at the end of the day it’s utterly conspicuous that’s your list shouldn’t be trimmed but you have to work somehow smarter to crack those and whistle out of the office contently.
Scurrying through the ground level isn’t the sole criteria to gear up your productivity but you have to climb up the steep slopes to have a bird’s eye view of the loopholes that prevent you from fostering growth intellectually of yourself and your employees. Fixing these small yet pertinent bolts of the procedure will portray yourself as a successful manager. Not only managers but we all need to look down from the peak and chalk our route to the destination. Obviously, beating around the bush won’t seriously assist you.

But looking for success isn’t easy at all. Above the hilltop level, there is yet one more level of altitude- the place where you ensure your path. The pinnacle of success is where everyone is trying everyday to climb up to with tens of hundreds of different strategies. Your strategy is completely yours but implementing them and working them out is the point where people slackens.
Here are ten tips to guide you to your path and fuel your productivity to sheer success.

  1. Set and accomplish micro-goals. You may have already decided your goal and chalked out your time plan and strategy but climbing up the baby steps first will set you to start on the ignition. Fixing these small issues will make your mind dexterous and ensure exquisite performance in the bigger picture. So each and everyday indulge yourself deeply and put all your efforts out until and unless your goal isn’t reached. The motivation you get from reaching your micro-goals will give you mega power.
  2. Be smarter, not faster. Don’t stick to your self-made routine of work. Improvise it for a more robust outcome whenever possible. Stay open to new sources and implement whenever you feel it will augment your values to your daily work end. The crux of this point is you will achieve heights if you are smarter enough to take up challenges and accomplish them.
    Stop multitasking. A bunch of simple tasks will entice you to tackle them together. You will crunch your head with all of these at your table when only a fragment of half-hearted work will be your undeserving prize. You will be virtually fooling yourself keeping your frisky mind joggling around between phone calls, presentations and eating lunch.
  3. Take each and every task one at a time, finish it off and check the time to decide for yourself which methodology you should adopt.
    Don’t keep your bigger tasks lining up till the tip of the day. This becomes pertinent when you are able to complete all your assignments and become exhausted by the time you reach your main course. These big ones eventually eat up your time and unnecessarily extend your days. You might feel your productivity has gone to seclusion but the fact is that you are deluding yourself. You are smart enough to comprehend the time in which you are at your best form. Abide by your body clock and handle those bigger tasks efficiently. You will readily feel the change.

4.Take breaks once you feel the need to.      Working for long hours will effectively        make your brain exhausted. Don’t                recede from taking breaks                            apprehending that people will judge            you for your work. Taking a break                helps  to unwind yourself and bring            back the same mood to work. Have a        chat with your fellow mates. Take a            five-minute walk but don’t extend it to        an unwonted amount of breaks which        will cause you to feel indolent.

5.Reckon your daily progress before you      sleep. Walk through your daily events        and identify where you have lagged            behind and where you have been at            your best. This helps you to                          recalculate  your estimated time                  versus  actual time. Improve your               subtle areas the consequent day.               Slowly  onwards, you will be at your           best making you hard to believe                   yourself.

6.Life is yours. You need to steer your         own wheel. You should be completely       aware of your work life and see what it     gives you beyond your paycheque. If         you are agreeably satisfied with your         profile don’t leave it. But also know to        swerve your path. Experiencing a new        type of roles helps to discover your            hidden potential. Your life is yours to          drive. It will take you where you want to    and it’s up to you to choose the keys to      drive from the lot.

7. Never falter from doing or saying the         right thing when it’s time to.                         Everytime  you make such a                         compromise your self-confidence               cringes. The more you will prevent             yourself from facing such challenges         your gut will eventually become non-         receptive to any of such opportunities      further. Now, that’s not a good sign for      your work life to prosper. Your mind            ought to transcend to the cloud level to      realize what you really crave for. If you      are brave enough to dream bigger, you      will achieve big. Your vision will                  determine how you spend every time          of  the day.

8.Identify from your To Do list which           ones you are dying to accomplish and       which ones you dread. It is natural that    every part of the job won’t attract you in    the same way, rather you will detest            some. You should introspect as to              where you should fix such issues or if        you aren’t at the helm of affairs, lookout    for a different organization concerning      of all these issues equally.

9.Acknowledge yourself for your                   diligence and learning you get                     everyday. Don’t ever take your virtues         for granted. Appreciate your hard work     and try to accomplish everytime more       than you have done earlier. Your                 accomplishments and hard work may       be unknown to others but not to you.

10.No one but you know how you care            for your job. Don’t let this skill go                unrecognized. Reward yourself at the        fag end of the year if you think you              have been successful in achieving or          accomplishing whatever you had                wanted to.

Hope this will help to pull yourself out of your insipid life back to the track. Obviously, everyday you won’t be at your best. Don’t wrench yourself for this. Rather bring back your focus and implement these tips again. Once you will identify your sturdy areas you will be amazed at how much you can achieve both in and out of the office. Now kindly excuse me while I go and have a brisk walk.


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