10 ways YOU can be the REASON for Someone SMILES TODAY!


Our daily lives can be very stressful and even the smallest of events can have a significant impact on how happy or unhappy we are. But most of the time we focus so much on bringing positive energy into our own lives, we forgot to project that same positive energy outwards. Happiness isn’t the only thing we can express when we turn up the corners of our mouths, but the emotions also. So be the reason someone smiles today. That makes both of you happy.


Here are 10 facts that make someone happy.

1.Surprise someone with a random kind act

The world is inherently negative and it’s hard to pull ourselves out of funks alone. So surprise people with their favourite items or buying a ridiculous gift that you know is guaranteed to make smile. However we are all in the ‘mess’ together and kindness always comes full circle.

make smile

2.Give a genuine compliment

Nothing makes people smile like encouraging compliments. If you select a random people and tell them these three words ‘You are beautiful’, it makes him/her smile within 15 seconds.

3.Say sorry!

We all have done something wrong to someone, but it never,ever too late to say sorry. You don’t know the power of these three words if you mean it.

4.Write a hand written note

In our highly communicative fast-paced lives we often have six to ten conversations at once. Between social media, email, chat the intimacy of letter writing has sadly diminished. But if you carefully craft a message to you elder or loved once, it will create happiness real quick.


5.Listen carefully

Life is crazy beautiful! However one of the kindest and most touching thing you can do for someone is be fully attentive when they are talking. They will never forget how much you care.

6.Give thanks!

If you start you day by giving thanks to someone, it definitely helps you to be recognized to him/her.

7.Crack a joke

joke crack

Humor is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make someone smile. Your simple act of willingness to be vulnerable enough to tell a joke will win a reward of smile.

8.Be available if you don’t want to be

Seriously speaking, don’t tell anyone that you don’t want be there for them. It is very disrespectful. Be there and light up their world.

9.Give a visit to someone you miss

Be the first to initiate contact to someone you care of, but can’t give a visit for a long time. Then just say,I really miss you. Truly speaking, it’ll hit them right in the heart with a good emotion.

10.Smile to someone

mother teresa quote

Yes, Smile to someone. If you do it from you’ll truly amazed at what will happen. We don’t learn how to smile from our surroundings; rather, it’s a emotion that comes from insight.

So, next time apply these in your life to make moments cognizable.




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