The love affair between wind 

And the wind chimes, all set to

Leave aversions behind.

The world will laugh like lights,

And with the ink of wonderments,

Write a new book, alluring and bright.


With heavy hearts but restored optimism,

Here we go, contemplating the past,

But swallowing the cake of positivism.


Omitting the oldies and hugging the newbies,

We will witness a new dawn breaking,

And let the dismal reminiscence flee.

It is not over, not just yet,

There will be enough grain for gleaning,

As the new year is beckoning.


Let’s talk to ourselves, face to face,

Make life divine and full of grace.

Let’s pull off the imaginary,

And rather gift something 

To the mighty Santa ourselves,

And cease all our sufferings.”


The new year is upon us. Games, lights, food, gifts, all are desperately awaiting us. A year-end reflection is also just as significant. We will vow on a glass of champagne on the new year’s eve. We will make promises to kick our bad habits away, but no wonder, very few of us will actually end up respecting the vows me made.

Resolutions vary from person to person. Some people make resolutions as they want to be a part of the trend. Some people call it being “stylish”. Others genuinely realize that things didn’t go as the way as they would have expected them to go in the last year. So, they really want to give themselves a chance to improve. Whether they have the willpower to stand on their vows, it’s a different matter.

With a new year, come the new opportunities, the opportunities to forgo the past hardships and welcome the glories that await you. You need to start afresh, right from scratch. It can be tough to put down the baggage of failures, betrayals, and miseries that you have faced throughout the past year. However, it will be beneficial to cherish whatever little or immense memorable moments you had. 

Setting your goals high, restoring optimism and building a belief in your abilities, you shall have to march ahead and face the oddities. You will have to be honest with yourself. Goals are meant to be achieved but only if they are achievable. Thus, it is necessary you set realistic goals and give your level best to attain them. 

Let’s have a look at the 10 most important things you should keep in mind while setting a resolution,

1) Start small!

One thing about resolutions that you must keep in mind is that you don’t get too ahead of yourself. The goals you set initially must be small, realistic and achievable. You start dreaming big as soon as you set big targets, but those dreams can be fulfilled only when you achieve your targets. For you to reach the finish line, you must remain committed throughout. If at any point, you think, “Maybe, I thought very highly of myself, then you will have only yourself to blame. 

If that resolution is weight loss, set your goal for mild exercises and workout 4 times a week only. If you straight away put too much pressure on yourself, you will not only lose your will but also become apprehensive of your own abilities. An unused gym membership will be left only to frustrate you.

2) Good habits and bad habits

Habits are stubborn. They stick to our mind, body, and soul and unknowingly, we become their slaves. Habits are not always bad. However, besides trying to do away with bad habits, you must make efforts to retain good ones. It is believed that a habit does not die. It’s the pressure of the new habit that you are willing to adopt which suppresses the old habit. As soon as your grip on your new habit turns loose, you will not even realize and your bad habits will start to pop up again. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on what’s good for you and not only try to eliminate your bad deeds.

A simple example is Mathematics. Suppose, you take a resolution to improve your calculus while your algebra is already strong. You will start working tremendously hard to be proficient in calculus and practicing algebra thinking that you can do it. As it turns out, you start committing errors in algebra too while your performance in calculus improves. Therefore, in an attempt to achieve something new, you sometimes can let go of a good thing you already possess.

It is also very important to understand that all bad habits cannot be eradicated at the same time. You must ensure that you work on a particular habit at a time. You don’t have to reassess everything simultaneously. This can instill negativity in you. You should not look at only bad things about yourself. No one is nowhere near to being perfect. Therefore, analyze, which bad habits are really pulling you down in life and address them one by one.

  1. Talk about yourself

They say sorrow divides and happiness multiplies when shared. It is always nice to share your agonies, your struggles and the problems you are confronting to reduce the mental baggage that you may be carrying. However, only your intimate ones will really understand you with an open heart and hear you with open ears. You need an arm around your shoulders at times. It may be of your teacher’s, parent’s or your best friend’s. They know you inside-out and can console you in hard times. The priceless pieces of advice can be definitely considered while taking a resolution.

You must be judicious enough to know, who your “close-ones” actually are. Others are curious to know your issue and don’t bother about you at all. You can give yourself a lot of disappointment if you choose the wrong people to disclose your problems.

Moreover, even if they are your close-ones, you should not be over-reliant on anyone else too much in this regard. They are merely your support-system and may or may not be available. You should have the stiffness to regather yourself and make a resolution.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up too much

You must always expect yourself to do miraculous things. After all, you have the magic to achieve the impossible. However, life is not a fairy tale. One has to be ambitious yet realistic. You want to attain the goals that you set and work rigorously hard to achieve them. However, in the pursuit to achieve too much, you might put too much pressure on yourself. 

Suppose, if you are the captain of a cricket team in a world cup final and you are batting first. Your team decides to put 400 on board, which is very tough. Your team plays reckless shots and, rather than achieving a dream score, you end up with a below-average score. This is common not only in sports but also in life.

If you try to achieve the extraordinary, you might even fail to reach a basic level. You should know your limitations. You might fail more often than succeeding if you beat yourself too much, which can fill you up with negativity and despair.

If you have failed in mathematics throughout the year, you can not plan to top the subject. You must take a resolution to reach a basic improvement level and decide from there.

  1. Believe in yourself

It was mentioned above that you should not try to get ahead of yourself. However, even if you plan within your limitations, you must have a belief in yourself. You can’t set a goal and accomplish it with disbelief and disdain. You might have been through a lot and end up accepting it as your destiny. However, our destiny is as good as ourselves. You are capable of making a change and you must give it a go. 

Brave men say, that cowards die many times just because they fear death. Similarly, disbelieving yourself and not trying to change yourself is no short of a failure. Lack of confidence is as dangerous as overconfidence. Therefore, it is necessary to boost your confidence levels up whenever you slip down. If an entrepreneur withdraws his startup idea thinking he does not have resources, investment or simply the courage to take risks, then he can never succeed. There is a way that guides you towards the lame of glory and you have to find that way.

Yes, staying within your limitations and being realistic is important but giving an excuse every time that “I can’t do this”, will not allow fulfilling your resolutions. Therefore, when you set a resolution, you must gear yourself up and believe, “I can do it”.

  1. It’s ok to fail

If you are taking the resolution of learning car driving, you must teach yourself, well before, that it’s not going to be easy. You are bound to crash your car in walls, commit accidents and break rules. But this is a part and parcel of success. You will fail in between, you will fall down several times but you must convince yourself that it’s ok to go down if it is giving you the much-deserved success.

Life can take sharp turns to bamboozle you and make you look ugly. But that’s the real challenge. Life is not a bed of roses and nothing comes easy. You got to accept it as a reality and move ahead hoping that you will surpass the hurdles that await you.

If a sportsman gives up due to an injury, he is not meant to taste success. However, if he comes back again, fit and ready to go, success tastes even better than it would have normally. Therefore, it is important to consider every failure is a stepping stone that takes you forward.

Also, if you are just going smoothly without any hurdle, you fail to see where you are lacking in life. It’s only when you fall down once, you analyze the things that are going wrong for you and you work on them. It’s important to always improve even if you are succeeding.

So along with the main resolution, you must also note down that you will not be deterred by any failure. 

  1. Celebrate small triumphs

Constant motivation is very instrumental for you to just keep going. If you have kept your eye only on the endgame, then it’s sure that you will start feeling discouraged at some point. 

Before making any resolution, you must learn that it is not the eventual result that really matters, it is actually the process, the steps which you carry out to reach that end result. Therefore, it’s not given that you will achieve your end result. You may fall short by a whisker or, you may just give up at the eleventh hour. To avoid this, you can break your goals into smaller steps and go one by one. Make separate plans to achieve each step and celebrate the completion of that step.

This allows you to keep going. If you are going step by step and celebrate your efforts at each step, it gives a lot more belief and confidence. It tells you that you can do it.

If you try to achieve the final result straight away, you might start getting bored in between, you start turning negative or you might fail to yield results. By breaking down your goals, you can track your progress and decipher what you need to work upon.

  1. Stick with what works

Along with setting a goal, and deciding the process behind it, you must also fix the method that works the best for you. It might be tough to select any one method. However, if you choose a particular method, it can do a world of good for you.

Consider a complex organization that has a number of employees and a lot of tasks to be completed. It decided all allow a certain task to a certain employee. If he carries out that task on a regular basis, he can become specialized in that particular task. It not only improves the productivity of the organization but also allows a systematic division of tasks.

Similarly, you can decide what strategy works best for a particular task that needs cocomplete to achieve the goal you set in your resolution. However, having said that, applying the best methods continuously does not mean that you become rigid. You might have to change the way you go about things at a certain point owing to changing situations.

  1. Analyze what can hold you back

Setting a resolution is incomplete without knowing that it can pull you back from fulfilling your ambitions. Knowing, well in advance, what obstacles are lined up for you in the road taking towards success, can make your task a lot easier. It requires sheer focus and determination to turn down all those things that can stop you. Some of your failures, if not all can be avoided for sure.

Suppose, a student who cares a lot about his marks and is very witty. He understands things that are stopping from achieving good marks. He finds out that he is spending way too much time on social media sites. He decides to deactivate his social media accounts to focus more on his studies. He passes with flying colors.

This tells us that not only you have to find out those hurdles using your practicality and far-sightedness, but also, you must have the heart to knock those hurdles down. It must have not been easier for that student to break social relationships to focus on studies, but he knew what was more important at that time.

  1. What if you achieve your goal?

Whenever you set a resolution, you must see a dream, the dream of you completing that resolution. The path is full of rue. But what if you cross that path? What if you look at the hurdles in their eye and tell them you are destined to be successful? This dream is important. This gives you the reason to keep going.

As was stated earlier, you must celebrate your little triumphs which form your comprehensive goal. Hence, if you end up completing your major goal, it requires quite a celebration for sure. It will make you a better person. It will tell you that you are capable of doing big things. It fills you with self-regard and positivity.

Life is about trying to improve and be better at every stage. Be an asset rather than a liability to this world. Therefore, if you complete one resolution, you are definitely good enough to go ahead with another one. Why not think big and achieve big?


One can argue it’s a matter of seconds to decide your resolution. It may be, but if you keep all these things in mind while setting one, no one knows the heights you may scale. No one can deny the fact that applying discipline and principles at every stage of life can be very effective. So, why not apply them in setting a resolution too, and be highly successful?

At no stage, fear failures, they are also a “key to success”.

From the riches of life?
Into the damp squib?
All mind-tumbling toils dissipated,
And there I stand again, defeated!
Those gold coins, at the finish line, smirking,
And, boy! again,
I fall short of my pursuing.

With the monsoon setting in those pitiful eyes,
Sitting in the gloomy prison of defeat,
Hearing the cries,
Am I good enough?
Or glory is a mere cheat.

Tears of blood surround,
But a glimmer of hope lingers around,
Screaming on top of its lungs,
You are the next big thing, chill!
You were making a mole’s molehill.

It was nothing perhaps but the declination of time,
Desolation of power
Annihilation of faith,
That took the breath out of me,
Not the fire, the zeal, the bravery,
That could tear the world apart.

Be that snake, which could,
Befriend a mongoose and not fear it,
Rivalries will vanish, they indeed would.
Go, fall in love with the failure,
After all, adoring is easy, not grudging.
Or in its eye, give it a glare,
We are destined to live together,
And I will edge past you forever!”

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