10 Most Weakest And Bizarre Passwords Used on Devices


In the initial days of the Internet, passwords were created as an impenetrable force against anyone accessing our accounts. So, people used to make sure they are strong enough to prevent any data loss. But, nowadays, with every site and app requiring a password, it has become common among us to use passwords that are easy enough to remember again. How many of you use the same password for multiple accounts? Many hands will go up. Obviously, it would be hard to recollect all the passwords if we start giving distinct passwords for every account and device we log in.


Though the security systems of websites and tech companies insist on the need for using strong and long passwords, many ignore this. People prefer and rely on using weak passwords for their ease of use. Here is a list of the top 10 passwords that are commonly used by people. Check out how bizarre they are!

  1. 123123

  2. Abc123

  3. Qwerty

    Keyboard close-up view
  4. Letmein

  5. Donald

  6. 12345678

  7. 987654321

  8. Monkey

  9. Password

  10. 123456

It can be noticed that the simple succession of numbers is commonly inserted in the passwords. Be sure, you do not that you do not use any such password as it would be easy to crack these keys. Try to combine letters, numbers and if possible symbols to make your passwords stronger. Use your imagination and common sense to come up with good strong passwords.


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