10 Asian Beauty Products You Must Try!

Beauty Products

We all use beauty products on a daily basis. These products help in enhancing our natural beauty. There are various Beauty products available in the market. Rather than getting confused, you must try out these fascinating beauty products.

10 Beauty Products

1. Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Gelly


Image Source: Naruko

Where It’s From: Japan
*Stefon voice* This night cream has everything, from the natural ingredients (gingko leaf extract) to the scientific wonders (hyaluronic acid and ceramides). The result? Smooth, hydrated, brilliant skin.
$18; amazon.com.

2. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask


Image Source: Squeeze Mask

Where It’s From: Korea
One of Korea’s first natural beauty brands, Innisfree’s located on a green tea farm so it makes sense why they’ve got this soothing green tea mask down to a science.
$1 per mask; innisfreeworld.com

3. Etude House Face Blur SPF33/PA++ 35g

Face blur

Image Source: Face blur

Where It’s From: Korea
We were all ears when we heard of the Korean face blurring trend, and this is just the tool for beginners to help you achieve that flawless face primer effect.
$18; etudehouse.com.

4. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Black Sugar

Image Source: Black Sugar

Where It’s From: Korea
If you’re obsessed with sugar scrubs for softer lips, you’ll get the appeal of Skin Food’s hyper-popular skin scrub crafted from black sugar. Scrub gently and let it work its skin-rejuvenating magic.
$10; the Skinfood.us

5. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++


Image Source: Missha

Where It’s From: Korea
This multitasker does it all, so you can totally hit that snooze button without the guilt. Not only does it offer anti-aging benefits and UV protection, but it also seamlessly covers up dark spots and blemishes.
$22; misshaus.com

6. Holika Naked Face Foundation & Illuminating Powder, SPF 26 PA+


Image Source: Holika

Where It’s From: Korea
Give yourself a “naturally gorgeous” glow with a light dusting of loose powder over your foundation. It’ll smooth everything over and give your look a touch of that je ne sai quoi.
$28; amazon.com

7. Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara


Image Source: Isehan

Where It’s From: Japan
It may have a cutesy package, but this mascara doesn’t play around. It’s waterproof against tears and sweat and contains polymer extract for added curl.
$15; amazon.com

8. AH Much Real My Cushion Blusher


Image Source: Blusher

Where It’s From: Korea
Part cream, part blush, this easy-to-apply rouge brightens up your face in a flash (thanks to the convenient sponge applicator) while hydrating your skin along the way.
$16; birchbox.com.

9. Skinfood Honeypot Lip Balm


Image Source: Honeypot

Where It’s From: Korea
Your pout will be irresistibly kissable with this deliciously-scented moisturizing lip balm—and really, how cute is that honeypot?
$10; sokoglam.com

10. Anti-Aging Jade Therapy and Argan Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Set


Image Source: Anti-aging

Where It’s From: China
A centuries-old beauty secret, this anti-aging set includes a jade stone to increase facial “chi,” as well as a roller to up your skin’s elasticity while decreasing fine lines.
$45; gingerchi.com

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