​​​Dhruv Rathee Vs Kumar Shyam


Nowadays the citizens are more aware of the political issue and have a keen interest in what further action the government is going to take for the betterment of the nation.

These two youtubers are gaining popularity on social media Dhruv Rathee and Kumar Shyam. They have their different perspective on social and political issues bedevil India.


Dhruv Rathee is the social, political activist and educator spreading awareness through videos. These young YouTubers who has 1.1M subscribers to his political commentary channel and has become a major shaper of political opinion in the Indian social media space.


Kumar Shyam is also a young YouTuber has 93 k subscribers to his political commentary
Channel. They both are like minded people shows the grey side of the Ruling Government. But Dhruv Rathee gains popularity worldwide.

Why would I Feel Scared if I’m Speaking the Truth ” this statement of Dhruv Rathee clearly states that truth has no shades of grey meaning? Dhruv Rathee is the young YouTubers who have been called“the Ravish Kumar of the internet.” This young You-Tuber has become a major shaper of political opinion in the Indian social media space.
In video after video, Rathee was critical of the ruling party, throughout late 2016 and 2017.

He touched upon all the major headline-making stories at the time, such as the Uri attacks, the surgical strikes, demonetization, the Gurmehar Kaur row, Yogi Adityanath becoming Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, the hacking of the electronic voting machine, the finance bill, and so on, and separated facts from popular fiction.

UNESCO certified world’s best journalist”, sharply critiqued Right-wing trolls, Hindutva politics, and the BJP, which left his critics fuming in the comments section. He started a series called The Dhruv Rathee Show in which he highlighted news critical of the ruling party that was ignored by the mainstream news media.

Apart from all these, there are 16 FIR filed because he is publishing videos on Indian MP and MLA. Dhruv fighting for truth & for a progressive Democracy in the country.


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